Getting Started - Pilates Beginner

We passionately believe that as a beginner to reformer Pilates classes, you can achieve positive long term benefits to your health and quality of life (1). The Pilates beginner exercises are tailored to suit each individual and they can provide a safe and effective rehabilitation solution for a wide range of health conditions. 

Firstly you will need an initial assessment where past and current pertinent health issues will be discussed. The information that we gather helps us to customise an exercise programme specific to your own health needs and goals. During this assessment you will also learn to locate your ‘core’ and you will learn some basic Pilates beginner exercises.

You can then move into a small group class totalling about 5 members that will meet weekly. The members in your group will all have differing health conditions and this will allow you to follow your own bespoke programme at your own pace. Importantly you will not have to worry about keeping pace with others in he group.

As you progress your core strength, you will gradually add small increases in challenge to the exercises. The exercises are safe, pain free and suitable for all age groups and fitness levels. A weekly session will usually be sufficient although if you have several health problems you may wish to attend more than once a week.

You should always consult with your GP before commencing any new exercise programme.

(1) Pilates improves pain, function and quality of life in patients with chronic low back pain: Research article Jamil Natour/ Anamaria Jones. January 2015.

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