If you are a Pilates beginner, it is our objective to convince you that exercising regularly on the Pilates reformer and the Corealign can enable you to begin to move in a fluent, effortless and pain free manner. Research studies confirm that reformer Pilates exercises can improve core strength, reduce back pain intensity and improve the quality of life (1).

By improving core strength, back pain can be reduced naturally and without the need for drugs. As your core strength develops, the stability of your torso improves and your whole body can then become stronger, better supported and more flexible.

Reformer Pilates classes are safe, medically approved and suitable for all age groups and fitness levels. Your Pilates exercise plan should focus on your own health needs and goals. You should contact your GP if you are a first time exerciser or have an existing health condition before commencing any new exercise programme.

(1). Journal of bodywork and movement therapies (18th January 2014).

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Please note; We currently share with the Leeds Pilates Centre, the use of the Mercure Leeds Parkway Hotel Pilates studio, and also some website content.


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Please Note: We currently share with the Leeds Pilates Centre the use of Pilates equipment and also some website content.

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