The advantages and benefits of exercising on the Pilates reformer go far beyond the appearance of a toned body.  Pilates has many non aesthetic benefits when used for the rehabilitation of various health conditions.

1. Improved core strength can significantly reduce back pain and make your whole body stronger.

2.You can create an evenly conditioned body with better posture and balance.

3. Bone density can be increased which is important for both osteopenia and osteoporosis.

4. The total body workout of Pilates can improve your joint strength and flexibility and this can help to prevent falls and injuries.

5 Pilates is also a mind body exercise method that can help with coordination, reduce stress levels and help you to sleep better.

6. The low impact exercises will not stress your joints.

7. Pilates exercises can be beneficial for both pre and post surgery.

8. Osteoarthritic joints can be better supported.

9. The exercises are very safe for beginners and are medically approved.

10. Pilates can work for all age groups and fitness levels

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